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A luxurious home need not be cold and impersonal. Stiff design and over-the-top colors are out. Luxury homes are as liveable as they are beautiful. Here is one way to bring high-end home elements into your life without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Introduce Warmth and Comfort in All Rooms, Large or Small

  • Great design isn’t exclusive to a mansion. The new luxury is about creating warm and inviting spaces regardless of square footage. One top design trend is using a neutral palette such as off-white, ivory and buttercream as an inviting backdrop for brighter accents and wood tones. Think of this palette as a gallery-like setting that affords long term flexibility as key pieces of art or statement furnishings are added. 
  • Thoughtful furniture placement: Arrange rooms to be open and less formal by pulling furniture away from walls. Face primary seating areas toward each room’s entry.
  • Lux lighting: Add sparkle with chandeliers in unexpected colors or places like a bedroom, kitchen, patio, walk-in closet or bathroom.
    Create drama with art lights for architectural features and treasures.
    Light dark corners with lamps that create a spacious feel.

Beautiful décor can be found in any size footprint, from the small chandelier gracing a powder room to a grand great room’s conversation corner.

Welcome to the new age of luxury! Regardless of where or how large, today’s luxury homes should have the comfort as well as the allure to satisfy discerning homeowners every taste and lifestyle. These are the key features that define luxury living.

Today’s luxury homes are less formal and involve more than high-end finishes and square footage. They’re highly personalized. Here are examples of luxury home elements in custom room makeovers.

What could be more luxurious than having a space that meets your exact needs? Rooms can be anything you want them to be. With a little imagination and style, rooms can be highly personalized to complement a cherished hobby or activity. Are you a music lover? Why not devote a room to your baby grand piano? Here are some other inspiring ideas:  

  • A dining room can become an office, music room or den with a wet bar. Or absorb the space to create an expansive custom kitchen with a stylish banquette.
  • Section off part of the basement and turn it into a wine cellar or sauna. Or add a second kitchen for more convenient entertaining.
  • Larger foyers can house a secretarial desk or table for computer time or be lined with book cases to make an impressive library entrance. 
  • Extra guest rooms can become an office, craft area, library or home theater.  

Welcome to the new age of luxury! Regardless of where or how large, today’s luxury homes should have the personalized features that make it uniquely yours. These are the key features that define luxury living.

Luxury living means enjoying a unique home environment that supports a comfortable lifestyle with custom conveniences and elegant design. Today’s luxury homes are as smart as they are beautiful. Today’s luxury homeowners want sophisticated systems that help manage their households while providing indulgent touches that epitomize affluent living at its finest. Here are ways luxury and technology combine to create wonderful results.

  • Custom shower programs can set air and water temperature, towel heat, ventilation and water volume. To create your own washroom sanctuary, visit your local kitchen and bath showroom
    or speak with your interior designer.
  • Window treatments can be mechanized to automatically close or open based on privacy or energy efficiency goals. Smart phones can act as a remote control to open garage doors, turn on lights, or set the temperature. New thermostats are more intuitive. Ask your interior designer how to add this technology. 
  • Security systems can allow monitoring of interior spaces and exterior perimeters, and can be activated and viewed via your smart phone and/or tablet. Talk with your security company about today’s available options.
  • Heated driveway systems are the ultimate luxury for those who live in a four-season locale. A touch of a button helps melt snow and ice, eliminating icy ground conditions and the need for snow removal. Speak with your local concrete specialist or paving contractor about options and costs.

Welcome to the new age of luxury! With the touch of a button or the setting of a program, technology can bring more than convenience into your home. The right upgrades provide indulgence and peace of mind. These are the key features that define luxury living.

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